Y Weight Loss Program

Y Weight Loss Program

Healthy You | Y Weight Loss

Y Coaching to a Healthier Life

Program Includes:

  • Resting metabolic testing
  • Fitness testing
  • Weekly tracking of body composition & measurements
  • Food journals provided and reviewed for dietary assistance
  • Weekly exercise reviews to update progress

A Healthier You

  • Program is 8 weeks of supported lifestyle changes aimed at reducing weight and improving the quality of health and life
  • Individualized meetings with a health coach and exercise physiologist
  • 16 activity classes held by an exercise physiologist in a private training studio
  • Exercise prescription designed for individual needs

Cost: $75 for Members | $200 for non members (includes 8 weeks unrestricted membership to the YMCA May Building)

PEIA insurance accepted

For more information about this program, please contact:

Mike Callanan | 304.525.8127 | weightloss@huntingtonymca.org