Phil Cline Family Y Child Care

The Phil Cline Family Y Child Care Program mission is to help children develop to their fullest potential focusing on self-awareness, confidence, feeling of self-worth through a variety of programs.

The teachers will work on the development of interpersonal relationships while exploring with the children their feelings and how to develop conflict resolution skills. The Child Care Program works with each child on the development of values that are the core of the Y and each participant in our programs (honesty, respect, responsibility and caring).

These skills are taught through discussion, interaction, and the programs they participate in each day.

The Y Child Care Program helps each child in our program develop physical skills through teaching, coaching, and drills encompassing a variety of activities. In conjunction with the physical component, the Child Care Program also works with the children to develop healthy lifestyles through proper nutrition and physical activity.

This is accomplished by having cooking projects, reviewing the food guide pyramid, having nutritional discussions at meal and snack time, and through daily physical activities that emphasis lifetime exercises and sports.

The Pre-School and Child Care Program have educational components to help each child develop their skills in reading, writing, and math. The school age After School Program has time scheduled for each child to do their homework with assistance from our teachers.

This program is provided to allow parents more time to spend with their child communicating and interacting at home, knowing their homework has been thoroughly covered.

School Age Children can be picked up at their school and brought back to Phil Cline Family Y for supervised, child care program (only available for intercity schools and must check with Child Care Center).

Y Child Care Teachers attend local and state training sessions covering a variety of important issues and programs throughout the year.

Background checks are done on all staff associated with the Phil Cline Family Y Child Care Program.

Nutritional snacks and lunch are provided daily for all child care participants.

Located at: the Phil Cline Family Y
(917 9th Street)

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday – 7:00am-6:00pm

Ages: 1 to 12 years of age

Toddler Full Time 4–5 days $125 / week
Toddler Part Time 1–3 days $105 / week
Preschool Full Time 4 days $99 / week
Preschool Part Time 1–3 days $79 / week
After School Full Time 4–5 days $59 / week
After School Part Time 1–3 days $49 / week
Additional Fees:
School Closed Days   $10 / day
Snow Days / Faculty Senate Days   $10 / day
Drop-in Rate Must be approved by Child Care Director. Only one per month. $40 / day


For more information contact us at 697-7113.

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