1. Can I add someone on my membership other than my spouse and children?

No, other adults would need to purchase their own membership. To add children, you must be their legal guardian. Grandchildren cannot be added to the membership unless the grandparents have custody of the children.

2. Do we have memberships for low income families or children?

We have financial aid assistance for adult individuals or families at all of our Y locations. You would need to fill out financial aid forms and submit them to the Y's Membership Coordinator at the Y May Building (935 10th Avenue). The May Building memberships are for adults and families. Youth (18 and under) can apply for financial assistance at the Phil Cline Family Y (917 9th Street). Youth, senior, and disability programs are emphasized at the Phil Cline Family Y.

3. I am only going to be living in Huntington or the Tri State Area for a short time and I do not want to pay for a whole year, what can I do?

Sign up on the Bank or Credit Card Draft (E-Pay) and by the 10th of the month, submit a “30 Day Cancellation Letter” to the Membership Director with a forwarding address. Your membership will be terminated at the end of the 30 days.

4. If I moved to Huntington and I am a member of another Y will my membership transfer to Huntington Y?

No, you must cancel your membership at the other Y and join the Huntington Y. If you paid a building fee at your previous Y we will waive our building fee when you join, however, we must have a letter from your previous Y stating that you paid a building fee.

5. Can I purchase a daily pass?

No, you must be a guest of a current Huntington Y member. There is a $10 daily guest pass fee for adults 18 and over, $5 for youths 0-17 years of age, and $20 for a family. Children using the Kid Zone as a guest must pay $5.

6. Can I purchase a membership just to use the pool?

No, we do not sell memberships for specific areas of the Huntington Y May Building; when you join, you have access to all areas of the May Building.

7. What are the benefits of ActiveLinxx?

We have introduced the ActiveLinxx “Fitness Software” Program to help you perform your exercise routine properly and track your workouts and progress. This will give your fitness instructor a communication tool to review your workouts and make suggestions to improve your routine.

The equipment integrates with the current Nautilus machines to track each and every rep and to ensure they are performed in the proper manner. It also hosts a web based component for logging outside the Y routines into your personal account. This is a free service to help you get more out of your membership.

8. Am I permitted to use my cell phone in the locker room?

No, unfortunately we do not allow cell phone usage in our locker room facilities.